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Introducing a car so advanced it sets the new standard for premium performance. At the heart of the vehicle is the proven Tesla powertrain, delivering both unprecedented range and a thrilling drive experience.

With a rigid body structure, nearly 50/50 weight distribution and a remarkably low center of gravity, Model S offers the responsiveness and agility expected from the world’s best sports cars while providing the ride quality of a sedan.

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Seven seater that can go 0-60 in 3.9 seconds, nuff said...(drops the mike). Seriously though, its like driving the future. I tell folks I feel like those that were driving the Model T back in 1908 when everybody else was in a horse and carriage. Never wasting time at a gas station, electricity is CHEAP compared to gasoline, maintenance is virtually non-existent other than windshield wiper fluid and tires due to no combustion engine, no transmission and most braking done by regeneration. Not to mention the ridiculous iPadx2 sized center console that should make all other car manufacturers embarrassed, huge cargo space and a frunk (not a typo, look it up)! Oh yeah, its green too. Try to find a tailpipe, only car that can't kill you in a closed garage. Yes, its not cheap so if you're in the market for a Camry buy a Chevy Volt instead. However if you're looking at a Mercedes, Audi or BMW you owe yourself a comparison. ...and people wonder why the stock is going through the roof. Yes, we Tesla owners are drinking the kool-aid. Try some and you might just regret driving anything else.
Outstanding everyday car. Go for a test drive at the Short Hills Mall or Paramus Mall and you'll know what I mean. When figuring out affordability, look at it over 8 years at least; the car pays for itself with gas and maintenance savings. The service center in Springfield has an awesome team, sadly you don't get to see them often enough.
As a real "car guy" (love that internal combustion engine!), I was very skeptical that anything without a thirst for fossil fuels could be worth considering. After going over the car meticulously and taking multiple rides in it, I'm definitely convinced that the Tesla Model S P85 is a real alternative to similarly priced sport luxury sedans (think: BMW 650i Gran Coupe, Mercedes CLS550, Jaguar XJ Supercharged/XJ-R, Maserati Quattroporte GTS, and Porsche Panamera GTS/Turbo). Based on performance stats and anecdote, the P85 should be quicker than any of its gas-powered competitors in a straight line. Since I have yet to actually drive the P85, I cannot comment on its handling, but I imagine that it should be capable for a heavy luxury sedan. The fit and finish is excellent and the high-tech interior is definitely cool (and a departure from its Teutonic rivals). Next step, drive it!
Electric but out-drags M5! The sneakiest performance car on the market. Torque-Zilla!
Drove one of these for the first time last week. Very smooth and the inside was decked out with a lot of sweet feautures
Boss took me for a ride is his new Tesla model S last summer. Never thought an electric car could move like that and definitely not that fast. It was practically silent regardless of how much he revved engine. Awesome car