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The premise behind is pretty simple – your reputation should be your wealth. Success should not be dictated by how much you spend on marketing, it should be because you are fricken awesome at what you do.

It’s a stage for great companies to show off their reputation, bad companies to get exposed and users to benefit from the collective word-of-mouth in their social networks


  • When making a decision on a service provider smart people know reputation is EVERYTHING. If they’ve done good work before, they’re likely to do it again.
  • Reputation cannot just be advertised to be credible, it has to come from someone you know or trust.
  • The only real source for legitimate reviews/ratings is real customers.The Problem is identifying real customers. The following methods of identifying real customers DO NOT work:
    • Charge them a fee to see if they are real
    • Create a website with a list of businesses and hope real clients find their way there …and then take the trouble to leave a review.


  • Companies know who their real customers are so they send them surveys rather than hoping they make their way to a review website and leave a rating. turns survey responses into reviews for the benefit of everyone.
  • Users can ask for recommendations from their friends and social networks. This is word-of-mouth reviews from people you know and trust and can be shared for the benefit of everyone.
  • All reviews are provided in the context of your social and business networks. If you’re connected to the reviewer you’ll know it. This gives you the confidence in knowing the review is legit, and gives you an actual reference you could even contact to get more info.