Reputation is your wealth.

Our Business Intelligence (BI) leverages Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSAT) to identify Promoters, Passives and Detractors.

Our solution is continually iterated to collect real-time customer feedback, boost SEO and keep our users’ Net Promotor Scores (NPS) accurate…all to accomplish our mission to empower our community to share the wealth of their reputations with the world.

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Reputation has never been more important

Too many businesses suffer losses from unverified reviews from unknown sources. Our mission is to solve this problem by empowering your business by helping you promote your awesome reputation across the web. We understand that online feedback is nuanced, varied, and can easily get lost into the internet abyss. We harness the power of real-time, verified feedback to drive leads to your business. Our clients dominate local SEO by showing up on the first page of Google searches.

BizRatings CSAT surveys receive 3x the industry standard response rates.

We don’t stop at excellent survey response rates. Reviews collected by BizRatings are indexed by all the top search engines to spread the word about your reputation.

We convert great CSAT feedback into great SEO.

Forget waiting for customers to stumble their way onto other review sites. Our unique survey tools ask your customers directly for online reviews on platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. We specialize in seamlessly leading customers through our reimagined feedback-review cycle.

Take control of your reputation.

Collecting and converting feedback into reviews is our sweet spot. To help promote your reputation on a global scale, BizRatings’ converted reviews are indexed on key search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo… With the increased customer feedback generated by BizRatings CSAT surveys, you will benefit from a higher rate of converted, verified customer reviews to fortify your SEO dominance.


Features enhanced by experts and our clients.

Survey Automation

NPS Surveys

1 Click Ratings

Customizable Survey Questions

Real-time Email Notifications

Automated Low Score Alerts

Profitability / Utilization

Responsive Surveys

Respond to Customer Comments

ESAT Capability

Google Reviews

BrightGauge Integration


Surveys Sent


Google Reviews


Registered Clients


Registered Users

Reporting and Analytics

BizRatings can help generate data in many ways and showcase your client relationships through different angles.

  • Our surveys support individual scores for technicians in addition to a general ticket score.
  • We support Reverse CSAT so you can capture data on how your team feels about your clients.
  • Our robust, user friendly dashboards and reports give you a real-time understanding of your client relationships

Get Reviews on Google, Facebook and more

Our exclusive BizRatings External Review Tool* will help generate real reviews for your business on other review platforms.
*patent pending

Our tool can guide your happy clients to other review platforms like Google to collect more SEO boosting reviews. Buidling inbound leads and SEO dominance will naturally follow.  It’s no secret that current-day saavy buyers rely on online research to inform their purchase decisions, our tool will lift your business to the top of their search results.

Reputation Marketing

We believe that reputation is your wealth – meaning that any prospect should want to use you because of how great you treat your current clients. Businesses that do this well should maximize all the positive feedback they receive and let the world know.

  • All of our clients have their own business listing and profile within our directory.
  • Post the reviews you receive from our CSAT surveys to your BizRatings profile.
  • BizRatings review tickers are available to all clients to incorporate on their websites.


Our Pricing

Basic CSAT Plan

$0 / month
Small Business

  • Online listing and profile
  • NPS Surveys
  • Review badge for your website
  • Automatic Surveys
  • Google Review Tool
Get Free Plan Now

$99 / month
Medium Business

$249 / month
Large Business

Enhanced Premium CSAT Plan

Starting at

$129 / month
Small Business

  • Online listing and profile
  • NPS Surveys
  • Review badge for your website
  • Automatic surveys from CW
  • Google Review Tool

$249 / month
Medium Business

$369 / month
Large Business

















Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) an important metric for your company?

    Tracking CSAT is important since it allows you to understand how your clients feel about you.
    If your clients don’t appreciate the services you are providing them, then your business is at risk.
    Tracking CSAT and getting real time responses is important for your business to understand what is making your clients happy and what is not making your clients happy.

  • Word of mouth referrals will always be the best way for any business to get inbound leads.
    Reputation marketing allows you to share the experiences your clients have with your business on the internet so the rest of the world can see just how great you are!

  • Our automation is based on email so you can either setup a survey to be sent every time you send a receipt or invoice to your clients or setup a direct email to BizRatings after every transaction.

  • You have the option between whether or not you would like to show your clients' name and the survey responders first name and last initial for your posted reviews.
    We recommend showing the company name since this will add more validity to your posted reviews however this is ultimately up to you.

  • Setup for our Webhooks integration is very easy and can take as little as 30 minutes and you can start sending out surveys the same day!

  • Our Google Review Tool can work in different custom ways in order to bring promoters to your Google Review page. Promoters are people that have given you a score above a preset threshold you control, normally 9s and 10s only. More than 98% of users who give you a 9 or 10 on BizRatings will give you a 5 on Google. 2% may give you a 4. This small portion of the population is generally the type that refuses to give perfect scores on any scale out of principal. Can someone give you a 9 or 10 on BizRatings then give you lower than a 4 on Google? Yes, technically this can happen, however almost never does. People are not that maniacal. If they want to beat you up on Google they don’t need to game our system to do it. They can directly go to Google and leave you a bad review at any time without any help from us. One thing to note is that we can’t push reviews from BizRatings to Google, Yelp, or any other review platforms… and no, we cannot pre-fill a 5 on Google reviews responses, Google does not allow that 😊

  • The response rate you see reported in BizRatings is a user response rate - how many unique users responded to a survey in the time period selected. If one user gets 9 surveys and responds to all of them, and a 2nd user gets 1 ticket and doesn’t respond to it, the user response rate would be 50% however the ticket response rate would be 90%. Best practices indicate the user response rate of 50% is a more accurate gauge of CSAT. This is compounded by our feature to suppress repeat surveys to the same contact in a certain time period, which can further skew ticket response rate based on what you have this set to, whereas user response rate is unaffected.

    Most companies are more concerned about evaluating the percentage of unique responders instead of knowing if the same person is responding to multiple tickets. Ticket response rates will almost always go down based on repeat tickets to the same contact. This is why the most helpful response rate for our clients has always been user response rates.

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