ConnectWise Ticket Surveys

How it works

First, we integrate with your current ConnectWise account to pull some basic information such as: service tickets, engineer names, time entries, etc.

Send Surveys

Next, we send surveys to the contacts that are attached to the ticket asking a couple questions:

  • How was the overall service of your company?
  • How well did the individual engineers do on that specific ticket?
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Collect Responses

After you collect some responses, view your personalized reports to maintain/improve your reputation. Our reports are great for:

  • Business reviews with your clients
  • Internal engineer ranking
  • Company benchmarking with other ConnectWise companies

Post them on your profile

Don't forget to post these reviews to your public profile. This way, popular search engines can index these reviews and help show off your reputation for the world to see.

Additional Features

  •   Survey Automation
  •   Responsive Design
  •   Email Notifications
  •   Customizable Questions
  •   Group Reviews Using Tags
  •   Individual Technician Scores
  •   Printable Reports
  •   Adjustable Preferences
  •   More to come

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