How It Works

How It Works

Use BizRatings to send out surveys to your clients. The reviews that you receive from your clients will be displayed publically to help market your reputation. You will also be able to view these reviews for internal purposes by using our reporting tools.

Currently, we have 3 different surveys types:

  • Regular Surveys - Send a survey one time or periodically to any of your clients
  • Webhooks Surveys - Use your CRM/Billing program to send survey for each transaction
  • ConnectWise Surveys - Send a survey for each Service Ticket or Project in ConnectWise

  • What's Included

    • Survey Automation
    • Company Branded Emails
    • Modible Friendly Surveys
    • Easy One Click Scoring
    • Customizable Questions
    • Email Notifications
    • Respond to Reviews
    • Google Reviews

    Getting Started

    Webhook Integration

    Integrates with any program that send emails such as Quickbooks, JobDiva, Xero, AutoTask, SalesForce, etc.
    and more!
    Pricing is based on number of employees

    Plans Small Business
    (1-50 Employees)
    Medium Business
    (51-100 Employees)
    Large Business
    (101-500 Employees)
    500+ Employees
    Basic CSAT
  • One Time or Periodic Surveys
  • Reporting of Responses
  • Free Online BizRatings Profile
  • Review Badge for your website
  • Free (up to 500 email surveys per month) $99 per month per site $249 per month per site Call
    Premium CSAT*
    • Basic CSAT
    • Post Reviews Online
    • Review Widget for your website
    • Auto Survey Integration
    • Google Review Add-On
      • - Drive traffic to your Google Business page
      • - Includes reviews for Facebook, Yelp, G2 Crowd, etc
    $199 per month per site $449 per month per site $999 per month per site Call
    ConnectWise Customer Satisfaction Survey Integration
  • Include Premium CSAT Feature above
  • Instant Email Notifications
  • Engineer Leaderboards
  • Reverse CSAT - What we think of their users
  • Agreement Profitability / Utilization
  • Click Here

    *Onboarding fee for Premium CSAT - One Time fee of $149 (Optional)

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    Frequenty Asked Questions

    To better help you learn about our Webhook Survey Integration, we’ve compiled the following info based on questions we're asked frequently.
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